Trika at Home FAQ //

Please have a read of all our FAQs below about our 40+ classes on our Trika at Home schedule!

Psst.. TOP TIP!

If you see a class you want to join in but can't make it's allocated live time, do SIGN UP for it! The link we email out to you lasts for 24 hours and so you can always practice your class later, at a time that suits you! Our classes that happen only once a week on the schedule also have a 7 day playback option!! List of these below..

Trika at Home FAQ

How do I see the schedule?
The usual way your normally do! Use your Trika app or head to and hit the Classes page to see our schedule of upcoming classes, and special online workshops coming up! We've also made an easy Account Sign In page for you to log in, check the schedule and book classes.

If you're with moveGB, your classes are available for you book as per usual via MoveGB!

How do I book?
1. Sign in to your Trika account / Make an account (We've added a handy 'Account Sign In' tab in the top menu for ya!)
2. You can also sign into your Trika account on the Trika Yoga app. (free on the app store)
3. Start booking!

Read about passes below and also on the pricing page.

What happens after I book a class?
Sit tight, and 15 minutes before class start time, and then 2 minutes before start time (for any last minute sign ups!), you will be emailed a link to access the class. Do check your junk inbox for the link as it might have gone there.
There is a live chat feed in the livestream where you can say hi and leave comments for us and our teachers! :)

DO let your teacher know of any questions you might have about the class. They will try their best to respond to everyone but do understand that they also might not be able to answer everything in time :D
DO feel free to feed back to us via email after about the classes! We would love to hear your feedback as we strive to continually improve.

Home booking etiquette
It would be great if you guys could book as early as you can before your scheduled class. This is to ensure you definitely receive your link! Do check your junk inbox for the link as it might have gone there.

If it is 5 minutes before your class start time and you have not received the link, you may have missed the group email that was sent out. If this is the case, email us directly so we can forward it to you. Thank you for understanding and helping us run this as smoothly as we can! :)

Note: All emails are sent with bcc so no ones details are available to others in the email.

I'm with MoveGB, how do I get my link?
You will get your link upon clicking 'Check In' when it's time to check in to the class :) If you have checked in but still can't see the link, head to 'My bookings' on your MoveGB app and the link will be there!

MoveGB-ers, do let us know if you see some classes on the Trika website that aren't showing up for you as some tech glitches may occur in this time! Basically if you see it on the Trika website schedule, the class is definitely on. If you don't see it coming up for you on moveGB, email us asap as we will fix the glitch so you can book.

How can I view the Trika at Home classes? Mobile, laptop, casting? Can you see me during class?

Our classes are able to play from virtually anywhere. They are mobile, laptop, computer compatible and also available to be casted bigger to your TV via Chromecast or any Smart TV system that supports YouTube and Chromecast. And no, we cannot see you during the class :) Get comfyyyyyyyy in your jammies!! :D

I've joined abit late to the class!
Don't worry, you can scrub the video back a little to restart it from the beginning!

Note: You will be able to watch this class again as we have a 24 hour playback with your link.

I want to do the class but at a later time.. How long can after the class ends can I watch the class?
If you would like to do a class but at a later time, do still sign up for the class you want! The link you will get is valid and available to view 24 hours after the original class start time.

Whats the classeses that have a 7 day playback option?
This is our list of classes that have valid playback links for 7 days!!! This is because they only happen once a week, and we wanted to make it flexible for you to access them all week if you couldn't make that exact time and day.

🦋 Tuesday's 12.30pm Asana Workshop with weekly theme⁠
🦋 Tuesday's 7.30pm Yin + Sound with Sophie⁠
🦋 Thursday's 4.45pm Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation with Izzi⁠
🦋 Thursday's 7.15pm Gentle Restorative Flow with Rose⁠
🦋 Saturday's 10.15am Pregnancy Yoga with Joey⁠
🦋 Saturday's 6pm Yoga Nidra to Rest + Reset with Sophie⁠
🦋 Sunday's 9.45am Gentle Flow with Danelle⁠
🦋 Sunday's 11.15am Gentle Flow with Rosa⁠
🦋 Sunday's 6pm Restorative Yoga with Claire⁠⁠

Where's the pricing option info for Trika at Home?
Head to the Pricing and Passes page, we have updated it with Trika at Home Pricing. If you are with the NHS, we would love to be able to support you in the capacity we can, do see this post for more info.

Any other questions that you think we need to clarify, do email us so we can continually add to this page! :)

See you on the mat guys!!!!