// UPDATES! //

The in studio class capacity is changing to 10 people in the Studio 1 from Monday evening classes on the 19th July 2021. The curtains and dividers are coming down for now! We are adding a few 6.15pm classes too over the next few weeks in Studio 2, with a capacity of 8, which are At the Studio only.

'Trika at Home' will be running as usual on the current schedule in Studio 1 :)
We also have some lovely workshops lined up for you for the next few months that are running At the Studio, with an At Home option too.

Online and in person Private Yoga sessions are available to be booked. See below for fuller updates! And see you all soon!

What's happening with Yoga?
In person spots will be limited to 10 per class in Studio 1 from the evening of Monday 19th July 2021, and we are slowly restarting 6.15pm classes in Studio 2 soon, with 8 per class!

Please do use the hand sanitisers and floor sprays and wipes provided after class to help us clean down your mat area.

'Trika at Home' is our live streamed schedule, which you can access from your home. Our classes have a 24 hour playback option too so sign up and you can catch-up-on-demand so to speak when the time suits you! :) Some of our less frequent classes are on a 7 day playback too! Find a list of these below.

Do share this with your friends and family if you found it helpful and enjoyed our offerings during the first lockdown!

What's happening with Massages and what about private yoga sessions?
Head to the 'Massages' tab to read more about them! In-person private Yoga sessions will return also on that date! If you wanted a group private session we can arrange these up to 6 people. If your group is larger than this we are still offering Online Group private sessions :)

What was it that I needed to bring for At the Studio classes again?
For Massages: Bring 2 towels for your appointments! A third small towel if you're receiving a pre/post natal massage.

For Yoga: Bring your own mat and props if you have them! Or your own towel if you'd like to use our mats or props. Each of your booths have their own floor sanitiser spray as well (along with hand sanitiser). Please give your area of floor a wipe before you leave.

What about workshops?
Our workshops are back At the Studio!

What about New to Yoga Courses?

Check out upcoming dates here. They are every Tuesdays or Wednesdays, 7.30pm, and run in 4 week blocks.

What about my passes?
If you had previous 'At the Studio' class passes, simply contact us to request an extension to take into account Lockdown 3.0. If you have a subscription that you wish to suspend or reactivate, simply contact us on our email and we will help you sort this out.

Any other queries or anything else you would like us to add on here, do email in at [email protected] It is so wonderful to see your faces back at the studio again, with all your lovely vibes.

Thank you for all your love and support. <3

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