While we suspend our in-person classes, you will be able to live-stream direct from the studio and have a lil bit of Trika in your home :) You will be able to book these classes with your existing Trika pass / subscription or see below for our Trika at Home only options.

Psst.. TOP TIP! If you see a class you want to join in but can't make it's allocated live time, do SIGN UP for it! The link we email out to you lasts for 12 hours and so you can always practice your class later, at a time that suits you! :)

For more info and FAQ about these classes, please click on the 'Trika at Home FAQ' menu above.


We have a few options for you as we move into our online class schedule!

For more information on how to book, how it'll work etc, do read our 'Trika at Home FAQ' in the menu above.

Ok! See pricing below.. :)

Trika at Home passes

For Unlimited Trika at Home classes, you can get our 1 Month Pass or try first at £5 for 1 Class.

1 Month Unlimited Pass ............ £21
1 Week Unlimited .............. £7
1x Class .............. £5


Trika at Home passes will start from the date of first booking. Please ensure the first booking you make on the class pass is the date you want to START the pass :D
• When we move back to our in-person classes, please note that we cannot guarantee any carry over of these passes for in-person classes.
• However, we plan to continue Trika at Home even after we move back to in-person classes, but more updates on that as things develop! :)


Our in-studio pricing will resume when we reopen our doors to you guys when all this is over! We hope to still be able to do this, and weather through this unexpected time together. Lots of love.


Have a look at our variety of class passes! We've got plenty that suit your different schedules, whether you're a 5 day a week yoga-goer, or want to just drop in now and then.

And if you're new to the studio, check out our New to Trika Intro Pass! 1 Week Unlimited access to our whole schedule for only £20, or we have a 30 day pass for £39!
*see below!!

Drop in class passes

1x Drop in Class .................... £13
5 Class Pass ........................... £55
10 Class Pass ......................... £95
20 Class Pass ......................... £170
*Valid for 12 months from the date of first use. Pass. starts on first date of use

Unlimited class passes

1 Month Unlimited Pass ....... £125
3 Month Unlimited Pass ....... £330
6 Month Unlimited Pass ....... £540
12 Month Unlimited Pass ..... £900
*Valid for use of unlimited classes on schedule. Pass starts on first date of use.

Pay Monthly Subscription class passes

Adult Subscription Pass ....... £85
Student Subscription Pass ... £73
Little & Often 3x a week
Subscription Pass ... £65
*Prices per month and set up via direct debit for 12 months. Minimum term 6 months. All subscription passes are valid for unlimited classes on our schedule, except Little & Often, which is 3x a week.


// Please note //

For those who buy subscription and unlimited passes, please help us by early cancelling your class at least 12 hours beforehand if you've booked and you can no longer make it.

This is to ensure others who are on waitlists for classes can have a space in their class.

// We have an easy booking system on our own app where you can buy your passes and manage your classes.

Or if you prefer, do drop by the studio or contact us via email or phone! Details on the Contact page //

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You can purchase gift cards online or at the studio, and load them with our class passes, or any amount you want for your friends and loved ones!



When you're all set and ready to book your Yoga class! Also check out our workshops, courses and retreats with the buttons below!