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Please ensure that you can 100% attend before signing up, so as to ensure that everyone can get a space in their chosen classes on the day. We thank you for your cooperation!

// YOGA //

We are an independent studio on North St, Bristol, UK. We offer a varied and diverse schedule for all your Yoga needs!

Come enjoy moving, resting, taking time to yoga for you.

// Our studio and team's ethos is this //

Let's spend time doing things that nourish the mind, body,
and community around us. We love sharing the practices that
have helped us along our way, and hope you find enjoyment,
kindness, peace and lots and lots of fun within it too!

View our class schedule below.

// We also have an easy booking system on our own app where you can buy your passes and manage your classes.

Or if you prefer, do drop by the studio or contact us via email or phone! Details on the Contact page //

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