It can be difficult to find the energy and motivation to get on your mat at the best of times; life brings with it distractions and it can be hard to prioritise your practice amongst your daily goings on.

And right now, we can’t deny that practicing at home is so different to practicing at a studio, with your teacher and the united breath of the others in the room with you. It can be hard to get the vibe right at home, especially when you are living, working, home-schooling and chilling all in the same space.

Plus carving out a space for our yoga practice has never felt so real. Shifting the coffee table out of the way, fumbling for your laptop charger, and trying to ignore the washing machine beeping in the background have now become part of the process.

It may be worth remembering that these perfect home studio scenes we see on Instagram look totally different behind the camera!

That being said, having the ability to practice online has been a saviour for so many of us; keeping us grounded, our bodies moving and our minds (mostly) calm through this whole saga. We also now have the freedom of practicing at times that suit our schedule and needs. You may not fancy logging on to practice after a full day of zoom calls, and that’s ok, you can do it later!

Having this freedom however, may require a little more motivation from within to get us on our mats. Without the accountability of arriving at the studio on time, and taking up a physical space in the room, it’s easy to slip out of a routine (which is totally fine by the way!).

It might just take a little more patience and willpower.

If you are struggling to find the motivation to practice, why not try sitting down with a notebook and a cup of tea, and think about/ write down the answers to the questions below...

· What calls you to your mat?

· What made you sign up to that first yoga class?

· How do you feel when you finish your practice?

· What posture makes you feel strong?

· What posture brings you comfort?

· How does yoga make you feel?

· How does yoga make you really feel?

Maybe then you might have inspired yourself to get going again! :)

And remember, it's ok to be feeling this way!

It’s often easy to guilt-trip ourselves into practicing when we perhaps don’t feel up to it, or to feel bad if we skip a class. Let’s rewrite that narrative and choose to practice because it makes us feel a certain way, not just because we feel like we should.

It’s not universal, and however you feel is always valid and correct, but on the whole we do tend to feel better after we practice.

Better could mean; more invigorated, calm, stretched and released, or we may feel more relaxed and ready for bed. We may even feel emotional, having given ourselves a chance to drop into ourselves and let our feelings arise.

Whatever yoga has brought up for you, know that it is serving you, with whatever you might need today.

What I’m trying to get at really is this... Life always throws up challenges, and there are always a thousand reasons not to practice, especially when there is washing up to do, dinner to prep, or a sofa to lounge on.

Definitely wash those dishes, cook that dinner, and get cosy on the sofa, but also think about your answers to the above questions, roll out your mat and just go with your flow in that moment.

See what happens, and celebrate whatever that looks like!

With love,

Steph xx