We’ve been lucky to have Rosa and her beautiful offerings at the studio pretty much since we first opened our doors. Yoga teacher and massage therapist, Rosa brings such a wonderfully unique energy to her sessions, grounding her practices in a wider understanding of yogic philosophy and the connection between mind and body.

Finding yoga as a teenager, Rosa trained with Trimurti Yoga School in India in 2015 with an international group, and has continued to deepen and develop her practice since then. A class with Rosa Lia always leaves you feeling a little more embodied, in tune and aware of yourself, what you might be holding on to and how you might let this go.

What inspires you to get on your mat?

How it makes me feel. And my body craving that movement. That said, I love practising off my mat. I love being barefoot on the grass or sand. I love putting on some music and free flowing as I invent my own ways of moving that use up more space. And my meditation pillow is just as much part of it as my yoga mat. Also my bookshelf full of teachers that inspire me and that more reflective side of the practice - svadhyaya, the inner searching. It isn't all inspiration though. Sometimes it is just the commitment to showing up even when I would rather be on my phone or eating breakfast...

How do you tend to start and end your day?

I start my day lighting a candle and sitting for meditation and end it crashed out on the sofa with netflix! It took me time to get into the habit of mindful mornings and my goal is to create a bit more mindfulness in the evenings. But also...life is balance.

What challenges have you overcome during lockdown?

Living in Mexico City with a large Mexican family and little personal space. On the plus side, I never felt alone and it was great for my Spanish. I think the uncertainty challenged everyone. For me, that meant three flights back to the UK cancelled. But it all worked out. I'm glad I stayed longer and got to spend my birthday under waterfalls with huge white butterflies. It was a good reminder to trust, to adapt, and to seek the beauty wherever we are.

Why do you practice yoga?

Because it works on so many levels. Physically, it helps me feel more spacious, energized, and aware of what signals my body is sending me. Emotionally and mentally it helps me feel more centred, aware, present and alive. There are so many ways to do this and that is also what I love about yoga - there are so many styles and so many parts that it is hard to put in a box. I don't think coming to a yoga studio is for everyone. But I know the people who do come get a lot out of it.

What's your favourite memory of 2020?

Probably the beginning! Learning about sweatlodges and ceremony on the pacific coast of Mexico. I ran cacao ceremonies in a space I set up and learnt a lot about local traditions from people who live there. Starting each day swimming in the ocean seems like a long time ago... But I don't miss massaging sandy legs!

What are you excited for this year ahead?

I am beginning a sports and remedial massage course in April. I look forward to learning more about the body and injury. I also look forward to being more rooted and spending time with friends and family while continuing to learn, grow, and hopefully soon find new places to explore in the UK. Suggestions welcome ;)

Catch Rosa every week for the following classes:

Monday's 9.30am - Movement, Meditation + Mantra

Wednesday's 4.45pm - Yin Yang Flow

Sunday's 11.15am - Gentle Flow

If you're joining us online, each class is available on playback, either for 24 hours or 7 days.