One thing we've learnt this last year is that you can definitely count on one of Pete's classes for a challenge and a chuckle! Often found sporting a bright pair of leggings and catching lamps mid shavasana, he manages to infuse his lighthearted, playful approach into challenging, informative, strengthening sessions, and each class is a dream.

So we thought it was about time to catch up with Pete off the🙏🏻 mat and see how he's doing and what he's been up to!

Read on for a lovely insight into his world :)

1. Hey Pete. Thanks for having a chat with us. We wanted to start by asking what’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Get my coffee pot on the stove! Even though I'm now caffeine free for over a year, the ritual of a morning coffee hasn't left me. There's a degree of nostalgic resonance in there somewhere: I remember my dad teaching me how to fill the moka pot; how fine to grind the coffee, how high to fill the water, how hot to make the stove. I remember really loving the smell...even though I hated the taste! It's a lovely way to ease into my morning, whatever's planned.

2. Oooh lush, we do love a good coffee, especially now there's so many tasty decaf options out there too. What or who inspires you?

I could list off so many different musicians, poets, chefs etc...but the very real truth is many of my friends! So many of them do such incredible work for the environment, community or others that I'm left constantly in awe. I feel incredibly privileged.

4. Aw how nice! Have you been learning anything new recently?

I'm constantly finding something new to become engrossed in - it's a problem! Recently there was calligraphy and knitting, and I'm getting back into joinery and wood carving. I've also been meaning to get to grips with the banjo for a while now.

5. Sounds fun! What’s your advice for anyone who is thinking of starting yoga but doesn’t know where to begin?

Just jump in wherever. Don't overthink it. Yoga is like a huge menu; try everything going and you'll soon discover what resonates with you...and even what you hate! (Oh, and the first three classes will feel a bit sucky/awkward/confusing. But it gets easier quickly!)

6. Great advice :) And finally, what are you looking forward to most when restrictions are lifted?

Cooking for dinner parties, evening beers by the water...bringing my kitesurfing gear back over from Ireland and finding some wind! It's hard to separate my excitement over restrictions lifting with anticipation of general summery sunshine; winter and I are not fans of one another.

You can catch Pete every:

Monday at 6pm and Saturday at 10.30am for Strength + Conditioning Yoga
Thursday's at 7.30pm for Power Vinyasa

Saturday at 10.30am for Strength + Conditioning Yoga

Saturday at 12pm for Warming Hatha

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