Helena joined the Trika fam after moving to Bristol from London, where in 2014 she first fell in love with the way yoga both strengthened her body and calmed her mind.⁠ We fell the same way for her teaching style when she reached out to us last summer, and it's been a pleasure to bring you her wonderful yin classes twice a week since!

Trained in Vinyasa, Mandala and Yin, Helena's classes are all about honouring your individual body, bringing focus to the way movements feel rather than the way a shape looks. Across all styles, she encourages you to be curious and explore your body, leaving you feeling replenished, empowered and in tune with yourself after every class.

1. How has 2021 been treating you so far?

It’s been a bit of whirlwind to be honest, but at least the gale isn’t as loud as it was in 2020, ha! I can’t believe it’s already May, where has this year gone so far?! I’m loving the sunshine and warmer days we’ve been having recently.

2. We'd love to hear about your relationship with yoga and whether that's changed/taken a different shape over the last year?

My practice has definitely shifted and changed over the last year. Before 2020, I was in a really dynamic space, regularly practicing rocket, power and mandala yoga - I couldn’t get enough of whirling around the mat. When the first lockdown happened, I was really seeking a quieter, more grounded and emotionally supportive practice. Yin became my go-to form of yoga over this last year especially - me and my bolster are pretty fast friends these days. That’s one of the things about yoga that I love - there’s always a practice that can support you where you’re at.

3. As someone who holds such beautiful space for other people to ground and relax, how do you hold space for this in yourself?

Ah, thank you so much! I’m an introvert, so my energy is recharged by spending time alone. Creating space around the edges of my schedule has been really helpful to feel grounded, especially as life returns to a faster pace and restrictions are beginning to lift. Giving myself downtime and space to practice for myself means I can feel re-energised and really enjoy seeing my friends, family and students!

4. Have you been learning/reading/listening to anything interesting lately?

I recently did a series of online workshops with Celest Pereira on biomechanics - she has so much knowledge about the workings of the body and she makes complex topics fun and easy to understand.

I’ve also been reading a lot of content online from Kallie Schut, who educates on accessibility, anti-racism and LGBTQ issues in yoga. She is running decolonising yoga courses online that I have my eye on next.

5. Have you got any summer plans and if so, what are they? :D

I’m really excited to visit family in Cornwall - it’s been over a year since we’ve been down and I can’t wait to feel sand under my feet and of course munch my way through a few vegan pasties. Other than that, we’re staying fairly local and looking forward to squishing friends in big hugs.

Catch Helena on the mat, in studio and online, every:

Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm Calming Yin

Saturday 2-3pm Yin for Flexibility + Mobility