Your mind is a powerful tool for attracting what you want into your life.

What you focus on internally often manifests itself externally in some way, especially if you’re spending more time focussing on one thing than anything else. We aren’t always going to be able to keep our minds rested on the positive things, because let’s face it; we are complex beings dealing with all sorts of things, however big or small.

But we can practice shifting our mind back to them. Back to those positive thoughts about ourselves, our future and our dreams...

Lots of people like to refer to this as manifestation

This is the idea that your mind, and ultimately your mindset, plays a role in enabling you to achieve, reach and receive the things you hope for. Of course, there is more to anything than just willpower, but it can definitely be key in bringing more of something into your life.

And the new year is a great time to practice the power of manifestation, especially if you’re new to it. There’s a feeling in the air, a turn of the page type atmosphere, that kind of gears us up for the possibility of more; for reflecting and returning to ourselves with a renewed sense of clarity; with more energy, more motivation to grow, if we want.

And that makes developing a manifestation practice a whole lot easier.

So how do we start?

Well, firstly, it’s always helpful, and most effective, when you know exactly what you want. To decipher this, you’ll need to do a bit of diving within, even if you’ve already got an idea of what you’d like to see coming into your life going forward or any habits you’d like to change.

This can take shape as a writing exercise, picking up a pen and stream-of-conscious-style journaling your thoughts until something poignant spills out. Alternatively, it could be more of a list, simply jotting down the things that come to mind that you’d like to bring into your life a little bit more.

You may even find it useful to chat things through with someone you trust. This doesn’t have to be anything too structured or serious; just a casual conversation with a close friend or family member, helping you, and maybe even each other, decipher what you’d like to manifest this new year.

Remember to keep it simple.

Sometimes we complicate things for ourselves and end up not moving towards anything, because we’re filling our minds with too much stuff; asking too much of ourselves.

You don’t have to have lots of things in mind for the new year if you don’t want to. This isn’t about having the most goals and reaching them at the fastest rate. We’d be inclined to say it’s probably more effective if you strip it back to a few things, maybe one thing to do with work, another to do with relationships and the final one simply with yourself.

What you would like to manifest doesn’t have to be that ‘big’ either. As long as the thought of it makes your heart sing, choose whatever you like. It can be tempting to weigh your ideas with someone else’s, but we are all individuals with our own imaginations, our own dreams, our own journey’s.

That’s all this is about.

You being you, on your journey.

Now think about how you intend to do this

Once you’re clear on what you want to manifest, then you can start forming some phrases that will help you focus your mind and perhaps start to see a trace of the things you hope for, externally.

This isn’t going to magically happen overnight of course, but every day, just repeating your chosen focus in a positive way might just start to have an effect.

Start with your intentions - clear and precise statements outlining what you intend to attract into your life.

These could be:

I intend to do more of ____

I intend to make more space and time for ____

I intend to release ____

Write them out each morning, say them out loud, share them with a friend. You could even repeat them back to yourself mentally in a meditation or a few moments of silence before you start your day.

Then you’ll want to move onto your affirmations - little mantras that already see you at the point of manifestation, already abundant with what you hope to bring into your life.

These could be:

I am ____

I welcome ____

I am ready to ____

I am capable of ____

I allow myself to ____

These are really lovely to write and repeat back to yourself too, either every morning, a few times a week or at times in the year when you need a reminder that you are moving in the right direction, on the right path, even if in that moment it doesn’t seem like it.

Keep your mantras close and your mind will start to hold them close too!