by Charlene Lim

We know our mental state can affect our physical. I read somewhere recently that reminded me it can be true for the other way round too- that your physical can affect your mental state. I suppose oh yeah! this is one of the reasons we practice yoga isn’t it 🌝

And it’s not really about plastering or masking any untrue-ness or fakeness to mask your mental state; but rather I guess I’ve been exploring the idea that the expression we choose to have on our faces, the way we stand, walk, move- can affect our heads. Sometimes in a big way.

So sometimes; yes the days can feel weird and hard and just, you know, all 2020 up in here.. we acknowledge those feelings yes- but who’s with me, sometimes it’s abit all consuming and overwhelming and difficult to mentally step out of no matter how much mental pep talk or soothing your internal voice is giving yourself. 🙇🏻‍♀️ 🙋🏻‍♀️

So I’ve been trying to start with some small physical differences.. and have found it starts to make me come a little more out of the cloud.

Things like..
☁️ Relax your shoulders
☁️ Release the tension from the face
☁️ Stand tall
☁️ Maybe crack a smile
☁️ Let go of your brow furrow
☁️ Take a deep breath out
☁️ Random jazz hands bursts 🤗 😆

Even if doing bits of this just a tad, it seems to let the sunshine in. And a tad is all you need sometimes for the sun to break through the clouds 🌤☀️✨